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made by the lovely italian_jewels at LiveJournal.

nothing here might make much sense. except for the fandom & the porn.

some things are unlocked, others are not. there's no set pattern.

fic & related things are posted over in [community profile] herwildthyme, unless it's comment fic.

I don't like the word emo & I adore glittery things that aren't vampires. Here's my big damn fannish megapost.

& slash & femmeslash abound here. if you can't take these sorts of things, then perhaps you should be elsewhere.

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abandon hope all who enter here

Elizabeth (Betsy). Twenty-two, almost twenty-three, but perpetually seventeen. Whirls back & forth between vulgarity & delicacies like a dervish proper & has been known to disappear for months on end. Worshipper of Carroll, devotee of Lovecraft & BPAL hoarder absolute. Destined for the madhouse.

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