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Ooooo, I love planning a rewatch-athon, don't you?

So, after looking at the number of serials I would have to work with, I've decided to indeed begin the technicolour dreamcoat extravaganza 2011 this month. Six's era, even with two Five serials & one Seven serial, is just so short that it makes more sense to begin it now & finish in early January. Besides, I'm returning to my schoolgirlish ways in January, & I don't know how busy I'll be, honestly.

& this'll also be a fun little thing to while away the days until Christmas, won't it? ::beams:: I certainly think so!

I've (mostly!) laid out how this will all work, though I'm not sure what little something I'll be making to end the whole thing off, like I did with my Two rewatch-athon. I'm sure I can come up with something, though! I actually DO have an idea of something, but I need to map it out a bit more strongly, I think.

Anyway, enough of my finger-wag! Tonight, this post brings you the audio & serial lineup for the techicolour dreamcoat extravaganza 2011!

Arc of Infinity*
The Caves of Androzani
The Twin Dilemma
Attack of the Cybermen
Vengeance on Varos
The Mark of the Rani
Revelation of the Daleks
The Mysterious Planet

Terror of the Vervoids
The Ultimate Foe
Time and the Rani

Peri and the Piscon Paradox* (comes before The Caves of Androzani)
Davros (comes after Timelash & before Revelation of the Daleks)
The Lost Stories audio series:
The Nightmare Fair
Mission to Magnus
The Hollows of Time
Paradise 5
Point of Entry
The Song of Megaptera
The Macros
(comes before Trial of a Time Lord, as originally planned)
City of Spires
Night's Black Agents**
Wreck of the Titan
Legend of the Cybermen (all coming after Mindwarp & before The Ultimate Foe)
Doctor Who and the Pirates
Project Lazarus
A Town Called Fortune** (all coming after The Ultimate Foe) & before Time and the Rani)
The Sirens of Time

* = bonus serial, ** = Companion Chronicle

The audio order is somewhat tricky, actually - you see, I'm not going to be doing another recap of The Two Doctors, as I did one for the great&mighty Troughton rewatch-athon & after a recent viewing, don't feel that my fundamental opinions about it have changed all that much after two years, so I felt that it would be better for me to add in the Six & Jamie audio trilogy, which I love & which is definitely different from The Two Doctors & won't be a rehash of what I've already talked about. I was originally going to add those three, plus Jamie's Companion Chronicle right in place of The Two Doctors, but I realised that it would clash somewhat with serial continuty (Six is travelling with Peri & I'm not sure of how many opportunities he'd have to slip away from her & have such a grand adventure like this), so I decided to play it safe & add them in at a later date. But just to be clear, the Six & Jamie audios ARE standing in for The Two Doctors in this rewatch-athon.

As for Davros & Peri and the Piscon Paradox, well, those are the ONLY audios I know where to put! Davros actually does establish that Six & Peri are still travelling together & that Six's adventures in that story are happening whilst Peri is off on her own for a bit. Peri and the Piscon Paradox also establishes where in serial continuity that particular adventure for Peri & Five takes place.

Also, I've added a few of Evelyn's audios to the lineup, but again, where they can be placed definitively is rather tricky. I could, possibly, add them in after Peri's departure & before Mel arrives, since we never actually see Mel's first meeting with Six, as far as I know, so I might be able to get away with it, but I'm not sure again.

(There is, actually, an audio wherein Mel & Evelyn meet, but I'm not adding it to this, mostly to keep from adding any more confusion, really.)

The Sirens of Time was also the easiest audio to place - it comes after Five & Six & before the TVM, so I popped it in after Time and the Rani. I did contemplate adding both Zagreus & The Four Doctors, but, well . . . Zagreus requires a bit of backstory, doesn't it, & may be very hard to understand if you don't know who exactly Zagreus is, & of course, there's the absolute crack factor, so I decided to omit it, even though it kind of would have been like another form of Arc of Infinity, i.e., Colin Baker being in another non-Doctor role in a Doctor Who story, like he was in that serial. (& he's quite lovely in it & I really had to talk myself out of adding it!) As for The Four Doctors . . . well, that's partially out of my own personal disappointment in it - I mean, really, if it's called The Four Doctors, they really should meet for more than thirty seconds, shouldn't they? - & partially because they don't actually meet for very long in it.

Okay, so that's the audio & serial lineup, folks! The whole rewatch-athon will kick off next Monday & follow the same format as the last one did - three serials or audios a week, with my recaps posted the Saturday after & with a couple of special things made just for the end of each part of the rewatch-athon. & of course, there'll be links for all kinds of Six goodies in my posts as I find them!

I really hope some of you will drop by my posts & enjoy them - & of course, mention them to anyone else who happens to be fond of Six, of course!

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