Date: 2011-12-18 02:09 pm (UTC)
It's here! It's here!

Temporal grace - what a lovely turn of phrase.
It's also a lie, according to Eleven.

I'm really enjoying how fairly hands-on Nyssa is with the TARDIS & with the data coming through. She's so wonderfully proactive as a companion. She was always such a great fit as a companion, though I've not seen very many of her stories.
She was Peter Davison's favourite out of all his companions, and you can clearly see why. It has always frustrated him that Nyssa was so often set aside to give Adric and Tegan more protagonism, because she was the one more in tune with Five's temperament and way of working. Something tells me that if she had had more to do, she and Five would probably have become a team of equals like Four and Romana II.

I liked how the Doctor entered the Matrix much more in The Deadly Assassin. This time, it's just terribly silly I feel.
Hopefully, future events in this watch-a-thon will please you on this regard... *is mysterious*

One day I'll have to rewatch Arc. I was completely lost the first time I watched it, which is quite understandable considering how continuity-heavy this story is.

Peri describes Five's personality as excitable, P.G. Wodehouse stuff'. I can buy that!
I still see him as Little Lord Fauntleroy. :P

I have to say, some of these scenes with Jek have a very sexual undertone to them - his menacing of Peri definitely seems very sexual in nature to me
Peri seems to become the object of affection of deformed pervs quite a lot, I'm afraid.

I don't know if you've noticed, but when Five is at the controls of the gun runners' ship (incidentally, badass. SO badass.), you can notice the regeneration effects appearing at some point, but Five quickly forces his body to withhold the regeneration so that he can carry on with the task at hand. This is what's so awesome about Five in this story, and what makes him a big damn hero - he doesn't want to be a hero, all he wants is to save Peri and to get the two of them outta there, and he'll put his body through what must be inexorable pain to make sure that happens.

WHOA, PERI BOSOM. ::stares shamelessly::
In the documentary about regenerations (I don't remember the DVD where it is, but I'm guessing it's something like The War Games) Peter complains that he was acting his socks off in that scene, but the only thing people (himself included) notice when they see it is BOOBS.

My all-time favourite regeneration! *applauds*
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