Date: 2011-12-19 08:40 pm (UTC)
At the beginning of Let's Kill Hitler, after Mels decides to test the temporal grace by shooting the console.

Rule One: The Doctor lies, hmm? ;)

Don't me mean to Adric - the twins love him! :( Tegan is the most popular because JNT liked her more and made her have more protagonism, thus making the viewers pay more attention to her rather than to poor Nyssa. And you're right, Tegan is nothing like Donna!

They do? BUT HOW?! :O WHY did JNT like Tegan so much? She's so whiny & naggy. ::sighs:: Nyssa was always the more fascinating of the two - a delightful, intelligent & brave space ingenue! Seriously, though, I don't quite get why people seem to love Tegan more than Nyssa. :( Tegan & Donna have ONE thing in common: they're LOUD. But Donna's loud in the best way! :D

I've some friends who ALWAYS say I should read some of Wodehouse,or see the telly versions, but I've never really been able to get into them. :(

I only realized it after hearing the New Who scriptwriters talking about it in the aforementioned documentary on regenerations. I was open-mouthed when I saw it, as it had never crossed my mind until that point.

Another brilliant moment for Robert Holmes, Y/N? :D
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