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Ooooo, I love planning a rewatch-athon, don't you?

So, after looking at the number of serials I would have to work with, I've decided to indeed begin the technicolour dreamcoat extravaganza 2011 this month. Six's era, even with two Five serials & one Seven serial, is just so short that it makes more sense to begin it now & finish in early January. Besides, I'm returning to my schoolgirlish ways in January, & I don't know how busy I'll be, honestly.

& this'll also be a fun little thing to while away the days until Christmas, won't it? ::beams:: I certainly think so!

I've (mostly!) laid out how this will all work, though I'm not sure what little something I'll be making to end the whole thing off, like I did with my Two rewatch-athon. I'm sure I can come up with something, though! I actually DO have an idea of something, but I need to map it out a bit more strongly, I think.

Anyway, enough of my finger-wag! Tonight, this post brings you the audio & serial lineup for the techicolour dreamcoat extravaganza 2011!

Arc of Infinity*
The Caves of Androzani
The Twin Dilemma
Attack of the Cybermen
Vengeance on Varos
The Mark of the Rani
Revelation of the Daleks
The Mysterious Planet

Terror of the Vervoids
The Ultimate Foe
Time and the Rani

Peri and the Piscon Paradox* (comes before The Caves of Androzani)
Davros (comes after Timelash & before Revelation of the Daleks)
The Lost Stories audio series:
The Nightmare Fair
Mission to Magnus
The Hollows of Time
Paradise 5
Point of Entry
The Song of Megaptera
The Macros
(comes before Trial of a Time Lord, as originally planned)
City of Spires
Night's Black Agents**
Wreck of the Titan
Legend of the Cybermen (all coming after Mindwarp & before The Ultimate Foe)
Doctor Who and the Pirates
Project Lazarus
A Town Called Fortune** (all coming after The Ultimate Foe) & before Time and the Rani)
The Sirens of Time

* = bonus serial, ** = Companion Chronicle

The audio order is somewhat tricky, actually - you see, I'm not going to be doing another recap of The Two Doctors, as I did one for the great&mighty Troughton rewatch-athon & after a recent viewing, don't feel that my fundamental opinions about it have changed all that much after two years, so I felt that it would be better for me to add in the Six & Jamie audio trilogy, which I love & which is definitely different from The Two Doctors & won't be a rehash of what I've already talked about. I was originally going to add those three, plus Jamie's Companion Chronicle right in place of The Two Doctors, but I realised that it would clash somewhat with serial continuty (Six is travelling with Peri & I'm not sure of how many opportunities he'd have to slip away from her & have such a grand adventure like this), so I decided to play it safe & add them in at a later date. But just to be clear, the Six & Jamie audios ARE standing in for The Two Doctors in this rewatch-athon.

As for Davros & Peri and the Piscon Paradox, well, those are the ONLY audios I know where to put! Davros actually does establish that Six & Peri are still travelling together & that Six's adventures in that story are happening whilst Peri is off on her own for a bit. Peri and the Piscon Paradox also establishes where in serial continuity that particular adventure for Peri & Five takes place.

Also, I've added a few of Evelyn's audios to the lineup, but again, where they can be placed definitively is rather tricky. I could, possibly, add them in after Peri's departure & before Mel arrives, since we never actually see Mel's first meeting with Six, as far as I know, so I might be able to get away with it, but I'm not sure again.

(There is, actually, an audio wherein Mel & Evelyn meet, but I'm not adding it to this, mostly to keep from adding any more confusion, really.)

The Sirens of Time was also the easiest audio to place - it comes after Five & Six & before the TVM, so I popped it in after Time and the Rani. I did contemplate adding both Zagreus & The Four Doctors, but, well . . . Zagreus requires a bit of backstory, doesn't it, & may be very hard to understand if you don't know who exactly Zagreus is, & of course, there's the absolute crack factor, so I decided to omit it, even though it kind of would have been like another form of Arc of Infinity, i.e., Colin Baker being in another non-Doctor role in a Doctor Who story, like he was in that serial. (& he's quite lovely in it & I really had to talk myself out of adding it!) As for The Four Doctors . . . well, that's partially out of my own personal disappointment in it - I mean, really, if it's called The Four Doctors, they really should meet for more than thirty seconds, shouldn't they? - & partially because they don't actually meet for very long in it.

Okay, so that's the audio & serial lineup, folks! The whole rewatch-athon will kick off next Monday & follow the same format as the last one did - three serials or audios a week, with my recaps posted the Saturday after & with a couple of special things made just for the end of each part of the rewatch-athon. & of course, there'll be links for all kinds of Six goodies in my posts as I find them!

I really hope some of you will drop by my posts & enjoy them - & of course, mention them to anyone else who happens to be fond of Six, of course!
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O, goodness. ::clutches internet to her bosom:: Never leave me again, my beloved high-speed internet, never ever!


So, I've actually been without internet for almost a month or two. (we cancelled one cable service provider, meaning I lost the internet since it was all connected, we switched to AT&T, which was a joke, as it never even got set up properly & just . . . sigh, it was a mess, really!) But just this morning, the barbarian & I - well, mostly me, as she left me to field any questions & such from the installer chap that came by - got everything all settled. Hooray!

O, goodness, it's nearly Christmas, isn't it! (Or Yule, or Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate during the winter months, of course!) I've so much to do - well, as we all, I suppose - baking for the barbarian & I, baking for a visit to my favourite relatives before Christmas, gift shopping & tree-decorating when it gets here . . . o, I just love the holidays, don't you? Which reminds me, I do believe some of you have holiday card posts up? For those of you that are still taking addresses, could you please link me to them? I'd love to have a card or two to display!

Also, I have a bit of a twofold surprise for everyone . . .

I'm returning to school!

Yes, I'm returning to proper (more or less, I suppose) academia in January as a proper student at my local college. Granted, the barbarian sort of forced & wheedled & wore me down until I agreed to return, but also, I was getting terribly bored of such a formless mass of days my life seemed to become. I was getting bored, yes, & missed exercising my mind, but still. I'm quite nervous about the whole thing now, I must admit. As you know, I don't do well with people my own age & I never did well when I was forced to go to school anyway.

So yes, I suppose I'm a bit scared, but really . . . best not to think about it, right?

Maybe. I don't know.

I just . . . who knows, really.

& now for the more fun surprise!

I'm going to be doing another Doctor Who rewatch-athon!

Yes, yes, I am! Remember the great & mighty Troughton rewatch-athon of 2009? The year where I earned my degree in Two-ology? Yes, that's it! Well, as you know, I loved doing the rewatch-athon & recapping & discussing all of Two's serials with my friends & so, I've decided to do it all over again, but this time, for the Sixth Doctor! I was torn between doing a Six or Seven rewatch, as I absolutely love both Six & Seven, but with a little help via Twitter, I decided to go with Six. I love Six to absolute pieces & like Seven, I feel that Six is a vastly underrated & far too maligned as the Doctor. Sure, Six had a lot of poor turns during his era, but I think it's time to start remembering & highlighting the good in his era. The things that make him THE DOCTOR, unquestionably.

So, yes, I'll be doing a full Six rewatch-athon, both series & plus a fair few audios. (Mostly the Lost Stories, but a couple of the multi-Doctor stories as well, along with Davros, which is my absolute favourite Six audio, along with being one of my favourite Big Finish audios in general.) I'll also be adding in the Five serials Arc of Infinity (bonus Colin Baker pre-Six!) & of course, The Caves of Androzani, which needs no introduction. I'll cap off the rewatch-athon (most likely) with Time and the Rani, though there could be audios after that.

Now, with all of that in mind, & a loose structure as to how I'll lay it all out, I just need to decide when I'll begin the rewatch-athon. I wanted to begin it this month, but December is such a busy time for people, isn't it? I thought about perhaps January, when I'd have more money for buying more Six serials on DVD (watching them on DVD is SO much more insightful & I'm absolutely dying to hear Colin Baker's own words about his era!), but then I'll be so busy, what with getting back to a student's milieu & with school-related responsibilities.

Though, Six's era is rather short, & even with the audios, it still wouldn't be as extensive as the Troughton era was - that was nearly twenty serials, plus three audios & three (or was it four?) bonus stories. Six's era, even with the Lost Stories audios, wouldn't even come close to being as massive. So perhaps I could do it this month? (I estimate the whole thing taking a month & maybe two or three weeks of January, roughly.) If anyone has an opinion, please do chime in!

Eeek, look at how long this entry became! I was really just popping in to mention the rewatch-athon & to explain about this total Tumblr&LJ blackout & look what happens! O, well, I never can stop talking once I get started, can I? Well, that said, I'm off to collect audios & Six serials for the rewatch-athon & try to catch up with everything!

(p.s. as you may surmise from this post, I was unable to make it to Providence as I so strongly wished to. The barbarian whined & whined & cried & complained about me going, claiming I would run afoul of all sorts of evil creatures, so in the end, I did not go, just to appease her. I live very poorly with that choice, even if it pleased her. But I don't wish to speak of it, honestly.)
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(one day, we're going to curb my tumblr obsession. today is not that day, however.)

I had the strangest dreams while I was asleep. My father teaching a class of people I knew from art school, Florence Welch & her nonexistent husband giving me a lovely hat & me crying over her describing how she dances, & even some almost-indescribable Star Trek-related dreams.

The best one involved me walking back to downtown San Francisco (only, of course, it wasn't really) from another city one would have to drive to in the waking world. I waked through a shop & then across the street into what was almost certainly some part of China (I almost wanted to write downtown China because that's the only way I could describe it), but was really just downtown San Francisco somehow.

I walked into this place that might have been a train station or a restaurant of some kind . . . sort of like what they have at aeroports. I got into this sort of elevator-cum-glass train that went all through the city of sorts, past all of the huge exhibitions & even around these sort of huge steamboats full of tourists. We went up & down, in insane dream-physics - I think at one point we were holding onto lines & kept swooping up & down around all the people on the boat.

I just remember being up in the air a lot then. & being around water. & the boats, & the old man who found it all very amusing.

At one point, I went through this sort of . . . extended lobby of sorts. An atrium. A plaza. I don't know. It was just long & extended & beautiful. Blacks & whites & tiled surfaces & fountains in some places. I was told that they were all different hotels, some very old & some a bit less older. I must have passed through at least two, maybe three.

There was another place I passed through, after the hotels. It was an old theatre, I think, or possibly the inside of one. (I don't know if it was a cinema or a proper theatre. It might have been a cinema.)

The young (& yes, fairly attractive) fellow who was sort of guiding what I was riding on told me a story about it. I only remember pieces of it, but it involved the man who'd built it & who loved a beautiful girl who was either a flapper-actress or a ballerina. It was now haunted by their spirits, or possibly only by his; I do not recall.

The dream then became the inside of the walls of where we were, where there was a picture of her & sepia-tea-toned lighting. I think we both fell through several levels of the walls before, at some point, we became (or were possessed, perhaps) the two lovers from the past. We fucked madly on the broken, unsanded wood of the walls, trying to hold onto each other & stay in these bodies.

The rest of the dream is a haphazard mess beyond that - it became a Sir John Tenniel Alice in Wonderland illustration, with me living in a tree trunk & having some sort of dream-life version of Beauty & the Beast. I don't remember a thing beyond that, save for everything looking like one of his illustrations & living in a tree trunk.

☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

I don't think that I mentioned in my last post that I'm planning on going on holiday to Providence, Rhode Island in November. I'm hoping to be gone at least a week & to leave on Halloween. While I'm there I'm also hoping to go to Boston, since I'll be reasonably close by.

This is basically my Lovecraft Country Tour '11. & my first time travelling on my own. But I'm really looking forward to it! The only thing I'm a bit saddened by is that I don't know anyone to go visit & have fabulous shenanigans with whilst I'm there. O, well. I suppose I'll have to learn to make my own fun this time. ♥
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::dusts LJ off::

. . . I still can't believe that just a couple of years ago, I never would have gone so long without updating/reading my flist/engaging in other LJ-centric shenanigans. Now it's getting too regular for me to vanish for a month or more. Sigh. Well, baby steps + fandom = regular LJ activity, right? Right!

(& that reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] sneakyangel virtually gifted me a pair of awesome headphones! Thanks, bbdoll, that was so sweet of you! ::hugs::)

So! I'm popping in before I start getting ready for work (opening the shop today, not being a file slave) to say hello to all of the lovely new friends I made from the Young Justice friending meme! ::waves at all of you:: It's delightful to meet all of you! I'm really rather bad at intro posts, but my big damn fannish megapost can be useful, I think. Also, my Twitter! (Yes, I love Twitter a bit more than I should, I know.) It's locked, but I'll add anyone that isn't a spam account. ♥

Hmm, so, what's new in my little life . . . not too much, really. Life's been fairly smooth for the most part, at least recently. ::knocks on wood:: I did actually start venturing back out into my (past) nightlife activities, after a long, long period of reluctance. I actually had a great time last week & I'm pretty sure I'll be going again this week.

I also saw the fellow again. Erm. That's for a longer post, but the short of it is, it was his birthday last week, I wished him a happy birthday, he said he was glad to see me & had felt kind of bad about how things went the last time we saw each other & I gave him a (somewhat sipped at, but still a valid offering) bottle of Bacardi I'd been (trying!) to drink throughout the night. Good thing he likes rum.

I also need to do a comics squeepost sometime. Mostly because I need to flail about Huntress: Year One in more than one hundred & forty characters. Also, Young Justice.

Also, Green Arrow. (Spoiler alert: the Grell era needs to NEVER EVER END.)

Speaking of all things Oliver Queen, I think I need to do another rec post in the future, but rather than a second Bruce/Wally one (because there isn't enough fic for them in the world!), I'll whip up a nice Arrowfamily rec post! They're not getting enough respect, dammitall! ::shakes fist::

Hmm. Must go get ready for work now. Then I have errands to run, which means I can't stay & spend time with Jenna after she gets to the shop, or start working on the book she's showing me how to create. (she knows a bit about bookbinding & she's teaching me how to do it. Awesome!)


Feb. 6th, 2011 12:07 am
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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me . . .

Today, I am twenty-two. & right now I'm reading Zatanna comics & playing Bejeweled 3. & in the morning, there will be cake & family.


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